About Ardent Vacation Rentals, LLC

A Boutique Vacation Rental Management Company in Lodi, CA

My name is Adrielle and I'm the owner and founder of Ardent Vacation Rentals, LLC. My professional background is in hospitality, but my interest in vacation homes began as a young child when I used to pore over a "Bed & Breakfasts of America" guide that my piano teacher had in her home. I used to study every page while waiting for my siblings' lessons to end, dreaming of someday having my own place to host travelers. Over the years I forgot about this seed that was planted and I pursued many other things - I earned my BA in English Language, taught a few semesters of College English Composition, dipped my toe in the sales & wedding industry, then eventually landed in hospitality, working with hotels throughout the Sacramento and Central Valley regions. It wasn't until I launched my own vacation rental in 2021 that I recalled all those hours reading about bed and breakfasts. Soon after, I was approached to manage a vacation rental for another property owner and I realized that launching my own vacation rental management company would be the perfect blend of my long-held passion for hospitality and my professional experience in hotel sales and revenue management.

My career in hospitality began in 2015 when I got my first job at a hotel and quickly worked my way up from Front Desk Agent to Sales Coordinator and eventually to a Regional Director of Sales and Marketing position. As a Director of Sales, I worked closed with the hotel General Managers and Revenue Managers to implement a variety of different strategies to maximize revenue. It is this expertise that I bring to the properties I manage with the goal of maximizing my clients' profit while maintaining an excellent guest experience. 

I grew up in the Lodi area and currently live near Downtown Lodi with my husband, stepkids, and our two dogs - Luna & Sol-a (Moon & Sun). I'm passionate about sharing all that the Lodi area has to offer with others and I love the synergy that is created between our many local businesses and the vacation rental industry. Providing my guests with recommendations for wineries, breweries, restaurants, family activities, and outdoor adventures is one of my favorite things to do!